Friday, December 16, 2011

The story of Hewlett-Packard logo that was almost replaced

Hewlett Packard is a large company in the world. Companies that manufacture computer devices, and the tablet is located in the United States. Hewlett-Packard (HP) is undergoing many changes. At the same time, revealed a barely used HP logo. Lately HP's business performance is a little bit down. Starting from the sale Touchpad is very bad, had to cut the price, to have to give up webOS as an open platform. 

Along with various efforts to change for the better, led by Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman, emerged a new HP logo. The shape is just four lines of black, but implies the H and P small. The existence of the logo was rumored TheInquirer, who found him through UnderConsideration sites, sites that reveal the various changes to the logo that considered or will be done. Logo is the work of the Moving Brands, a leading consulting firm. To TheInquirer, HP admitted it had asked for suggestions to the Moving Brands. They asked for new ideas related to the identity element of HP, including fonts, graphics and logos. But HP has finally decided to not change their logo.


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