Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alert, Malware on Android increased

The number of malicious applications on Android, reportedly experienced a significant improvement in less than 6 months. According to reports Lookout, malware in Android jumped two-fold to 1.000. Android users increasingly at risk, if unknowingly clicking on a link that directs to malware sites and pishing.  

Lookout also has detected an increase in 'mobile pickpocketing', applications and malware that charge without being noticed by the mobile users. There are also applications that provide the wallpaper or playing on it for free but to hide the terms of service, the actual application fees paid by an expensive SMS.  

Lookout predicts that this threat will increase with increases in the number of mobile users, to send spam and steal data. Malware is considered to have exploited weaknesses in the mobile operating system, such as hiding in a mobile ad.

Users should be careful if there is an application that asks to click 'OK', or when a short URL to download the application, because there may be malware hidden behind it all.


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