Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800 Dark Rises Special Edition

Along with the latest movie twisted Batman Dark Knight Rises, Nokia tried to take advantage of opportunities. They offer a Nokia Lumia 800 limited edition design with Dark Knight Rises. The Finnish company is only producing as many as 40 units only. Until this information is obtained, there was no official statement from both Nokia and Warner Bros. 

40 units of mobile phones Nokia Lumia 800 Dark Knight was given to the lucky visitors at the launch of the movie Dark Knight Rises prologue in IMAX Cinema. Specifications of this phone is almost identical to regular phones Nokia Lumia 800. The difference is only on exterior design alone, where the phones have a special edition Batman logo on the back.  

But do not expect you will get this particular phone. Because rumored that all these phones are available, as many as 40 units, have been distributed all.


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