Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Microsoft released the game for IOS

Competition Microsoft with Apple can not be doubted. They often 'clashed' because of business competition. But Microsoft released the game to its competitors, Apple. Actually, Microsoft is no stranger to the iTunes App Store, starting from 2008 with Seadragon and some time ago application cloud service Sky Drive. But this time Microsoft released a new game for mobile platforms that they are actual competitors. Kinectimals, a pet simulator game that also has a version of the Xbox 360 and of course the new Windows Phone version was released 6 weeks ago.  
This week Microsoft has also released Halo Waypoint as a supporter of the game Halo: Reach on Xbox Live and My Xbox for Apple IOS devices. Applications with these cute graphics are available for the iPhone and the iPad at a price of $ 2.99.



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