Thursday, December 15, 2011

iOS and Android dominate the market in the U.S.

NPD Group reported the results of their recent research that says 82% of U.S. smartphone market dominated by Android and IOS. Android controls 53%, while the iOS controls 29%. In addition to dominating, Android and IOS equally gain new market share while other players continue to erode its market share. RIM declined to 11% while Windows Phone spared only 2%.

Until the second quarter 2007, Windows Mobile (before it turned into a Windows Phone last year), still able to pick up market share above 50% before the end down and hold up to almost 1% today. One of the other players attempt to perform forward is to work together and that's made ​​by Microsoft and Nokia where Nokia hopes its products that use the Windows Phone OS smartphone market to stem the most glancing IOS and Android-based handsets. 

While RIM, many say that RIM is not fast enough to respond to changing market tastes and genres touch screen their Storm series only momentary distraction from the rim to try to make a touch screen Blackberry handset.


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