Friday, December 16, 2011

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2012

In 2011 a busy year in the mobile industry and has brought some real changes in various activities. So how about the prospect of mobile marketing in the next year?

BuzzCity, a mobile media company, which provides ad networks and services specifically for mobile site, issued a forecast for the mobile marketing trend of 2012. Here are the trends in the mobile industry in 2012 their version. 

1. Tablets as a medium with its own fans
The new ecosystem has been formed along with the emergence of new media usage habits. This will be more visible in 2012, where many more games and applications that will determine the pattern of consumption through a tablet device.

2. Mobile coupon steal the show
Mobile internet, plus coupons and mobile payments is a 'winning formula'. It is important to make this cost-effective manner, so that small retail businesses can attract customers with mobile coupons, which will stimulate m-commerce becomes a major tool.

3. Small businesses implement social media
There will be more small business owners are taking advantage of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others to create a presence on the mobile and the web as well as take advantage of m-commerce, especially in emerging markets.

4. Transition M-Commerce in emerging markets
In the United States, e-commerce site now includes more than 40% of total sales in many sectors. This happened after the regulator to stop a handful of content providers (VAS) is the dishonest taking advantage of loopholes phone bill. A good rule in protecting consumers and businesses certify and advise more people to access e-commerce will be present.


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