Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meizu MX

Meizu launches its flagship smartphones that will soon be marketed in 2012. Meizu will launch this phone for the first time in China and Hong Kong. They say, at this early stage will launch the MX mobile phone with dual core processors on January 1. As for the quad-core versions, the company said it will be done at a later stage. Specification:
1. Dimension: 121.3×63.3×10.3mm
2. Weight: 139 gr
3. CPU: 1.4GHz dual-core A9
4. Operating System: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
5. Camera: 8 MP, Front Camera: 0.3 MP
6. Internal Memory: 16 GB
7. GSM
8. WiFi
9. Touchscreen
10. Accelerometer and Proximity sensor
11. Battery: Li-Ion 1600 mAh


Friday, December 16, 2011

Microsoft gets a lot of response about Malware on Android

Earlier this week Microsoft had said it would deliver Windows mobile phone free of charge to users of Android malware attack. It is rumored through Twitter account by using the hashtag # droidrage, and according to Bill Cox, senior director of Windows Phone so far have gotten the response to the 3200 respondents. Although the course is rather difficult to distinguish where the user is indeed Android users are exposed to this problem, or just someone who want a Windows mobile phone free course. 

It begins from a challenge Ben Rudolph who offer Windows Phone for Android users are exposed to malware and tell it. Although well known that Windows Phone looks are not free from shortcomings, because it is also a problem with the text message that caused the OS Mango ways in dealing with system messages on mobile phones.

The story of Hewlett-Packard logo that was almost replaced

Hewlett Packard is a large company in the world. Companies that manufacture computer devices, and the tablet is located in the United States. Hewlett-Packard (HP) is undergoing many changes. At the same time, revealed a barely used HP logo. Lately HP's business performance is a little bit down. Starting from the sale Touchpad is very bad, had to cut the price, to have to give up webOS as an open platform. 

Along with various efforts to change for the better, led by Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman, emerged a new HP logo. The shape is just four lines of black, but implies the H and P small. The existence of the logo was rumored TheInquirer, who found him through UnderConsideration sites, sites that reveal the various changes to the logo that considered or will be done. Logo is the work of the Moving Brands, a leading consulting firm. To TheInquirer, HP admitted it had asked for suggestions to the Moving Brands. They asked for new ideas related to the identity element of HP, including fonts, graphics and logos. But HP has finally decided to not change their logo.

Samsung beat Apple

Samsung competition with Apple not only held tight in court, but also in the popularity of the product. Although considered to be released that mimic Apple's products, but the popularity of Samsung managed to beat Apple. Based on the public perception survey conducted YouGov, the popularity of Samsung started to beat Apple since last week, or since December 8.

According to YouGov, advertising Samsung Galaxy S II line satirical iPhone 4S as the factors that most influence the popularity of Apple. The ad release 22 November to 1 December. In the ad Galaxy S II, titled "Next Big Thing", Samsung's satirical Apple fanboy who would stand in line long after the iPhone 4S. In fact, according to Samsung's ads, the iPhone 4S does not have a lot of changes. Even the iPhone does not support the 4S 4G technologies, like those of the Galaxy S II. 

Popularity of the iPhone itself began to decline since the end of November, with a value of (buzz score) 33. Currently, Apple's buzz score was recorded about 25. Meanwhile, in late November, Samsung recorded a buzz score of 19. Whereas today, the Samsung buzz score is 26.

Google Chrome 15 Becoming World's Most Popular Browser

StatCounter stating that Google's browser, Chrome version 15 now officially become the most popular browser in the world, after beating other browsers like Internet Explorer 8. This is the first time Chrome 15 received the best ranking, beating rivals from Microsoft. Judging from the date of 21 to 27 November, Chrome gain browser market share of 23.63% of the world, where 0.13% higher than Internet Explorer that has a market share of 23.5%. Mozilla Firefox 8, just got the world's browser market share of 12.12% to third place.

It seems that the popularity of Google Chrome 15 does not recede, as evidenced by the results from May 5 until December 11, Chrome 15 still lead to even become a more popular choice at the time of day labor. It seems many people use Chrome on weekends at first, and now even be an option in the workplace as well. However, despite occupying the top position as the most popular browsers, but Internet Explorer is still the lead with the most widely used browser in the world, with a market share of 40%.