Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Iris, 'Siri' for Android

Siri is a technology found on the iPhone. If you Android users who want Siri, of course, already familiar with Iris, the twin brother of Siri is devoted to Android users. Iris was built from Google Voice, will provide information that users need-based voice recognition commands.  
The resulting experience is similar, except that Iris responds a bit slower than the Siri. Even so, of course Iris is a pretty interesting addition for users of Android.This application was already almost reached 1 million times downloaded. Obviously this number is impressive considering this application was just released about 2 months ago.
But if you are not satisfied with the Iris, the alternative seems to be present again another personal assistant. Known to the company being acquired CleverSense the other having a personal assistant by the name of Alfred. In addition Google also reportedly is developing Voice Action as part of a project called Majel, which is expected to be more similar to Siri in terms of interacting with users.
This application can be downloaded through the Android Market via the link


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